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This is an upcoming project from students in the Carnegie Mellon Summer Academy for Math and Science partnering with Carnegie Mellon's Entertainment Technology center.  This game will put you in the role of a colored hexagon that you must rotate and match the color of each incoming beam from viruses and bacteria to deflect them. It will support the use of controllers with support for up to four players cooperatively. We anticipate to release this title by August 10th, 2018. As our development progresses, we will release new updates on our game to along with videos, images, and promotional materials to show the progress of our game. Here are some images of our development on our game so far.

Update (7/25/2018):  We are currently finishing up a working prototype of our game. The artificial intelligence of our viruses and bacteria is finished so they could move in random directions and make their movement unpredictable to the player. Most of the artwork for the game is finished which we will upload soon. The music for the ending, easy difficulty, and hard difficulty are finished meanwhile we're finishing up the opening song and the medium difficulty songs. Once we're finished with the working prototype and our single-player mode is fully functional, we will implement multiplayer into the game. Due to limitations, this game will support controllers instead of Arcade Joysticks.

Update (7/26/2018): We just finished all the needed artwork and music for the game including the background sprites and normal difficulty music. The User Interface, Health Bar, and Background are set for our prototype which gives the game a hallucinogenic effect. We are finalizing the controller and keyboard inputs to finish our playable prototype by tomorrow.

Update (7/27/2018): We just finished our playable prototype of our game. After getting people to test it out, we found that the background of the game caused players to be a bit too trippy and they experience issues with trying to win the game. We will address these issues in our next meeting and work towards getting our game by finished by August 9th.

Update (8/2/2018):  We are currently working on the background of the game by layering several cheese textures and applying different colors to create a new texture similar to that off Flesh. The background will move a bit slower that make it feel a less trippy and seizure-inducing. We got more than one player to function on-screen and Xbox One Controllers are now compatible. The score user interface and game over screen has been fully implemented. For tomorrow, we plan to finish the background, player select screen, and implement the bacteria in the game.

Update (8/8/2018): We just finished getting the texture for our new background which is a lot less trippy than our original background. We finally implemented bacteria to our game and are finalizing the color match code of the game. We plan on finishing the game up tomorrow by implementing the controls, background, and last pieces of code. 

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